Learning Violin Chords

Playing violin chords can be a challenge. There is no shortcut to mastering the technique. The only way to become adept at violin chords is practice, practice, practice! A double stop is the technical term for violin chord. It simply means that you’re playing to notes on adjacent strings at the same time. Two strings are pushed down at the same time or stopped by the fingers, and bowed plucked.

Because of the violin is curved bridge, plucking or bowing more than two strings at the same time is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Antique bows made before the end of the 18th century, had the wood curved away from the hair. The result was that three notes could be played simultaneously by some violinists.

Even with older bows it is almost impossible to play for notes at once on the violin. If the artist is accomplished, he/ she will play the three or four note cord by sounding the lower notes briefly and allowing them to sing, and then sounding the upper notes. This technique is called a broken chord. If it is done correctly, the hearer will believe they heard a true triple or quadruple stop.

You can practice your violin chords, or double stop french violin bows chords, using a 4/4 beat. Keeping time by taping your foot will help with this process. Learn to count four beats as you are drawing the bow on each chord. It should take for complete beats for you to draw the bow from one end to the other.

It is very important that you use your fingertips when playing double stops. The fingertip technique will ensures that you do not touch adjacent strings while playing violin chords. Your thumb must remain in proper position behind the neck in order to use your fingertips.

It’s important to let the bow do the work when playing double stops. Loosening your bow hair will allow to touch both strings. Make sure you are not pressing too hard.

Allow the harmony of the music to come through. If you are hearing dissonance, your violin may need to be tuned.

Generally accepted music theory states that a chord is a set of three or more different notes. These notes must play of the same time and be in a specific key. Since playing three strings at once on the violin is so difficult, a dyad or two notes of the chord, is what is played. Technically speaking, “violin chords” is a misnomer, since you are only playing two notes.

Musically speaking, a dyad is a set of two notes or pitches.

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