Make Money Selling Cookbooks

If you’re looking for a quick way to make money fast you may have a goldmine sitting on your kitchen bookshelves. Many people have a lot of old cookbooks collecting around their house or apartment. Old and used cookbooks have been passed on by parents or grandparents. You may have noticed before that the books were old or well used and thought about selling cookbooks and wondered if the books were worth anything but didn’t know how to find out.

Many people make money going to garage sales and in10sityfitnessunited thrift shops looking for old cookbooks to sell. You’ll see many old cookbooks for sale. The truth of the matter is that the owners of the books do not know how much they’re really worth. If they knew they wouldn’t be selling them for mere pennies. Chances are that many are worth a lot more than the garage sale asking price.

One can usually be safe buying old cookbooks at these sales to research without knowing the actual price they’re worth. And there are certain things you can look for to help you decide. But cookbooks published within the past few years or even ten years are rarely worth buying for resale.

Unfortunately the price guides for these old cookbooks are not only sorely outdated but are not realistic about what you actually sell these cookbooks for. But there are other ways to determine that if you’re interested in selling cookbooks.

You want to make sure the cook book is in good condition. Old cookbooks are expected to have a grease spot or two or a little damage but it’ll depend on how much competition the books are getting, how old the book is and how readily available other copies are.

You also want to be careful about who you’re selling the cookbook to if you’re expecting to get the maximum amount of money out of it such as selling to a dealer. A cookbook dealer may only give you 50% of value or a lot less if they can get away with it. So researching and understanding the values of your cookbooks will make you a lot more money.

If you don’t have any cookbooks, start as soon as possible going to garage sales, tag sales, thrift shops, etc. and start buying up a few old cookbooks. These are cookbooks to learn with. As you get more experienced you’ll be able to tell in minutes if the cookbook is worth anything or not. Some people have a lot of books and advertise their cookbooks for sale — as old, rare, vintage, antique or collectible cookbooks without knowing the value. In any case, get started right away and develop a knack for pricing old cookbooks. You’ll be able to buy cookbooks from friends and people you know who are happy to get rid of their books and it’ll jump start a home business selling cookbooks for you.

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