The Jacket – Movie Review

Summary of the DVD – Wow…talk about a head-trip of a movie. I am not sure if this fits into the sci-fi category because it definitely felt that way to while watching. However, perhaps the movie fit more into the psychological thriller category.

The movie begins during the Gulf war, 1992, when a U.S soldier, by the name of Jack Starks (played by Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody), is shot in the head by an Iraqi boy. He’s presumed dead, but he somehow manages to survive and is released a year later. He meets up with a mother and daughter at the side of the road, whose car has broken down, and in the process of fixing up the car, he becomes friends with the young girl by the name of Jackie (sense a pattern here?).

After this meeting, Jack is involved in an unfortunate car incident/accident where he is incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. He’s taken to a special psychiatric facility where a Dr. Becker (Kris Kristofferson) is placed in his charge. However, Dr. Becker’s methods Teleserye of ‘curing’ his patients are shady and it involves placing them in a strait jacket and locking them up in a morgue drawer for certain hours at a time.

It is during this ‘treatment’ that Jack Starks is taken into the future where he gets to meet…Jackie (Keira Knightly of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’) again, who is now a young woman barely scrapping through as a waitress in the year 2007.

Through Jackie, Jack gets to find out the truth about certain things…including his ‘second’ death. This type of DVD is good for people who love: sci-fi, psychological thrillers, surreal or fantasy storylines, and the romantic.

Favorite parts of the DVD: A few scenes were good, especially the group meeting in the hospital where Daniel Craig (yes, 007 himself who is almost unrecognizable at first) ‘helps’ Jack to get back into the ‘morgue’ room…it has to be watched to be understood. I also liked the extra features. You are shown all the deleted scenes and interviews with the actors as well as the director and producers.

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